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Chrono X4 with integrated
display for accessories

The well-proven design combined
with new possibillities form modular
of the weft feeder.

Standard equipped with TED.

TED Tension Display

This innovative and unique product makes it possible to
reproduce weft tension settings from one machine to

Enabling a fast start up the next time the same article is

  • The position of the tensioner is constantly being monitored by an internal sensor, even if adjusted during power off
  • The digital information of the tensioner position enables a full control of the weaving process
  • TED is standard on Chrono X4

ATC-W Tension Control

The required tension is easily set and monitored on the integrated display.

Once set, the system constantly regulates itself ensuring consistent yarn tension during the weaving process.

  • The yarn tension is constantly and accurately measured by the ATC sensor unit, sending a signal to the ATC motor resulting in constantly stable yarn tension at the required level
  • Automatically maintains best performances throughout time, irrespectively to variation of yarn tension from the bobbins
  • ATC-W is available as optional accessorie for Chrono X4